The evergreen super star of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishan is on a record making spree. His recently released film ‘Piyava Bada Satavela’ was released at Chhatha puja in Bihar and it received a great opening, thus completing a hatric of hit films by Ravi Kishan this year. ‘Rampur Ke Lakshman’ was released on 26th January, ‘Santaan’ on 9th September, ‘Faulaad’ was released on 16 th September. All these films were successful at the box offices. Santaan was a family film while Faulaad is a masala film and both got the best response from the viewers. Now ‘Piyava Bada Satavela’ released on 2 Novemeber is said to be better than the earlier two films.

Last year too “Devra Bada Satavela” starring Ravi Kishan was the biggest hit of the year. Ravi Kishan and Rani Chatterjee were the lead players in the film. The same pair is in “Piyava Bada Satavela’ and its great start has enthusiased the industry.

(Source – Uday Bhagat)

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