Born and grown in Indore of Madhya Pradesh and then coming to Mumbai in search of a career, Hitendra Singh does not need any introduction now. Producer Anil Kushwaha and director Manjul Thakur gave him a break with “Awa Na Odha Di Odhania Ae Raja Ji”. This film is currently in the fifth week of show in Bihar, and its craze is still running high.

Hitendra says that in the success of a film whole unit is involved. If the foundation is strong the building can be raised high. Likewise when the story, script, dialogue, music, and lyrics are right the film is bound to succeed. Hitendra expressed his gratitude to Anil Kushwaha and Anil Anand for giving him a break wih “Awa Na Odha Di Odhania Ae Rajaji”. He says the director of the film, Manjul Thakur, has done wonder with the film.

Talking about Bhojpuri, Hitendra said that he was well aware with it while he was in Indore as the language is spoken there too. He praised the people of Bihar as well natured and kind hearted. As far as development of Bhojpuri films are concerned, Hitendra says that only such films should ne made which raises the regards for Bhojpuri and it has to be saved from lewdness.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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