The importance of comediana in films are on the wane since the lead stars have started acting funny and trying to do comedy by the way. But there are still some comedians who continue to keep alive the tradition made by Mahmood Sahab. Johny Liver took the baton from him to make zero of heroes and let the comedians shine. And now C.P.Bhatt is giving more power to this trend after Johny Liver.

Better known as Loha Bhaiya in filmi circles, C.P.Bhatt was a lawyer but his desire to do something different brought him to films and his love of theaters and comedy established him in the industry. He started his career with “Piya Tohase Naina Lage” and has worked in more than 50 films till recently released film “Sajan Chale Sasural”. The greatest strength of CP Bhatt is his knowledge about the limits a character can go and this makes his acting natural and easy. He knows that to croos the limit will make the character ‘loud’ and he avoids it. Bollywood too appreciates this ability of Bhatt and so he has worked in many Hindi films including EMI, Haal E Dil, Jane Kya Hoga Rama Re etc and will be seen in many films more. CP Bhatt is also busy these days in Bhojpuri films like Kali, Andha Kanoon, Kaliya and Inqilab etc.

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