Bhojpuri singer Indu Sonali was recently at Patna recording her songs for a devotional music album at the famous P.G.Super Sound studio. She revealed that it was Vinay Bihari who gave her the initial break and introduced at all the related places as a good singer. With that introduction and her singing skills Indu Sonali is now a famous name. She said that it was this PG Super Sound studio where she recorded her first song and also where she met Vinay Bihari. Talking about the vulgarity in Bhojpuri songs Indu said that she prefers singing for the audiences. What is the use of singing when no one is willing to listen, she asked. But Indu says that she tries to weed out all those words and sentences which do not appear proper to her. She says that it is the persistence and work that takes one to success and there is no other way. With Ma’s blessings she has now attained the status that people have started recognizing her.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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