When Ratna Pandey of Sonbhadra in U.P. started her step towards a singing career it was hotly resisted by her near relatives. Her first song was for an orchaestra. Her relatives said she has disgraced the family. Now she has grown out of orchestra and entered glaour world singing in the Mumbai studios and every one is enjoying her songs. She is doing stage shows here and abroad and her opponents are shut up. Representing as a girl, the dark reality of Indian society, RatnaPandey was however encouraged by her father who stood besides her during all those days. Recently when she sang for “Ram Lakhan” everyone present in the studio was all praises for her voice.

Ratna Pandey praises presenter of the film Advocate Nagesh Mishra and director Iqbal Baksh who encouraged her a lot. Ratna wants to act also provided the role is a “clean” one. Ratna has sang for “Agnikund’, “Ram Lakhan”, and “Dil Tohare Pyaar Mein Pagal Ho Gayeel” as well as for several albumns. Ratna pandey knows future belongs to her.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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