Bhojpuri film “Karent Mare Goriya” is now ready for release. The film is directed by Manoj Singh who hails from Gaya district of Bihar and landed in Mumbai just after doing his inter. In Mumbai he got in contact with Ahok Narain who suggested him to go in direction. Manoj followed the advice and worked as assistant to top-notch directors like D.Ramarao, Mukul S. Anand, Afzal Khan etc. Later Manoj Singh started directing TV serials and directed more than a few thousand episodes of TV serials. This film “Karent Mare Goriya” is a women centeric film and has four lead female characters along with three male characters. The film has 11 songs and nearly all of them are item song type. Even a Bhajan in the film is of disco style. Still Manoj Singh claims the film to be a family film. The shooting of the film was done in Kashmir on a tight budget of a mere 80 lakhs. Manoj Singh is now going to direct a Hindi film.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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