Bhojpuri film “Kasam Durga Maiya Ke” produced by B.V.Gawad under the banner of Jeevdani Cinevision is going for release this month. The distributor for Mumbai is Dilsa Distributors. The story is based on the devotion to Durga Maiya. Radha is suffering infertility even after three years of marriage. Her grief becomes more serious when the doctor says that she cant become a mother ever. Devotee of Maa Durga, Radha vows that if she ever becomes a mother she will construct a Durga Mandir. Ma is pleased and Radha becomes a mother. But does she succeed in constructing the Durga Mandir ? Because the land on which she is going to construct the Mandir is the target of an industrialist who wants to build a factory there. What happens will be seen in the film. Cast of the film includes Naresh Kanodia, Hitu Kanodia, Purvi Jani, Srikant Soni, Vishal Pauwar, Jeetu Pandya, Meenakshi, Sharad Sharma, Veer Mahendra. and Balram as the villain. Music is by Iqbal Darbar, Seraj Menon, Alamgeer Khan and Aman Shlok. Lyrics are by Arvind Tiwari and Ashok Sinha, story written by Rajan Prabhu and Jay Pandya, dialogues by Mangal Bihari. Dance director Nikki Batra, action master Masood Patel, cameraman C.Jagan and co producer is Swapnil Gawad.

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