Following the trend in Hindi cinema to name the stars on their superhit films, like Salman as Dabang Khan and Shahrukh as King Khan, Bhojpuri cine industry too has its own Bhojpuria Don Manoj Tiwari and Laat Sahab Rajiv Dinkar. Famous choreographer Rajiv Dinkar used to make stars dance on his signals but now is dancing himself as he has started acting. Laat Sahab was his first film and was hit.

At present Rajiv Dinkar is busy with “Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye” directed by KD and “Kehu Hamse Jeet Na Payee” directed by M.I.Raj. He is working as a star with Ravi Kishan in these films. Recently during the shooting of “Pran Jaye Par…” Rajiv Dinkar was seriously injured when he was doing tubelight stunts and dozens of tubelights were broken on his naked back injuring him seriously. However the scene was shot successfuly. Dinkar praises KD and says he will always be willing to work under KD. He also claims himself to be a real Bhojpuria and enjoyed Banarsi lassi, kachori and zalebis when this film was shot at Varanasi. Mahipal Das is the producer.
(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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