Senapati Sripat, played by Manoj Pandey, is the craze of viewers these days with his film “Mai Nagin Tu Nagina” achieving success everywhere after release at Holi in Bihar. This film has romantic pair of Manoj Pandey and Pakhi Hegde. The first film of Manoj Pandey was “Lahariiya Loota E Raja Ji” too was a grand success. By sheer coincidence “Mai Nagin Tu Nagina” is also the second film by the combination of director RajKumar Pandey and producer Dilip Jaysawal. First film of this duo was “Devra Bada Satavela” which was the biggest suucess in five years. Manoj Pandey says he is here for a long inning.

(Source – Uday Bhagat)


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