MallaYuddha has a new and original subject, says Sunil Chauhan

‘Malla Yuddha’ is a Bhojpuri film produced by Sunil Chauhan under the banner of JMV Productuons and directed by Chand Mehta. The film is coming soon on the screens. This is the first film produced by Sunil Chauhan, a well known builder. His father had a dream to produce films and for some reason or the other he was unable to make it. Now when Sunil Chauhan became capable, he decided to produce a film to fulfill his father’s ambition.

Talking about ‘MallaYuddha’ Sunil said that ‘kushti’ is a popular sports in villages and many a times it is also tried as a show of strength. Sometimes even ‘swayamvars’ were held on the basis of kushti. The story of the film has a village where MallaYuddha is organised to selected the groom for the daughter of the family. If for some reason the winner later refuses to marry the bride has to live her life as a widow.

When Chand Mehta presented the script to Sunil he agreed to make a film on the subject as the story is very original and new. Chand Mehta has
directed teleserial ‘Kasam Se’ of Balaji group. Sunil Chauhan has also produced two serials, ‘Ma’ and “Abhagya’, for Delhi DD.

Planning to release the film ‘Malla Yuddha’ during Puja season Sunil Chauhan says that Bhojpuri is a language rich in its culture and traditions and one should try to produce clean and family viewable films in Bhojpuri. This will be beneficial to all concerned.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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