Mega star of Bhojpuri cinema has been offered Rs. Fifty One Lakhs for a film “Samne Wali Se Naina Char Ho Gayel”. This film is going to be produced by Priya Biscuits. No other star of Bhojpuri cinema has got this much amount, which is astronomical by Bhojpuri standard. However, other stars of the film too have been offered handsome amounts. These stars include the heroine Liza Mallik, Uttam Kumar, Sanjay Pandey, and Bikas Kumar.

Muhurt for the film was recently held at Hotel Novatel and the shooting will be done at Goa very soon. Prem Chopra is coming to Bhojpuri cinema with this film. Plans are underway to produce digital promo of the film for releasing on the net amd at many big mobile service providers have come forward for promoting this film.

It is said that a new dimension is going to be added to Bhojpuri films starting with this film.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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