Recently super star of Bhojpuri cinema Manoj Tiwari finalised the land plot where the Temple of Cricket will be built. During the recent World Cup matches Manoj Tiwari had announced that if the India Team won the world cup he will construct a Temple of Cricket where idols of our cricket players will be installed. Recently on the occasion of the birthday of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the captain of the winning Indian team, Manoj Tiwari visited his village and selected the land where this Temple of Cricket and a cricket stadium as well shall ne erected. Three plots were in consideration and a 10 acre plot was finalised.
Manoj Tiwari dreams that one day Kaimur will be known with Ma Kundeshwari Dham and Temple of Cricket. This will put his village Atwaria on the tourist map of the country. Manoj Tiwari is also talking with the state govt to get a stadium built besides the Temple of Cricket. He is also trying to convince Nitish Kumar to laid the foundation stone of the Temple of cricket. The Temple and the stadium will be handed over to a trust Lalit Chandra Trust, establishe after the name of Manoj Tiwari’s parents. The cost of the temple and the stadium is estimated at Rs.1 crore !

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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