Manoj Verma is now a film producer

Well known actor of Bhojpuri cinema Manoj Verma who has acted in many films like Sajanva Bairi Bhayeele Humar, Lagal Karejwa Me Teer, Chali Aaj Deshwa Ke Or has now entered film making career. He has produced his first Bhojpuri Film Sapanwa Sanch Bhayeel Hamar under the banner of JSK films with Hemlata Ratan Verma as the co-producer. The film has been released in cinema halls of Bihar on 23rd July.

Manoj Verma's Sapanwa ....
The film beautifully depicts the story of a farmer family in a very straightforward way. It also shows the importance of Chhatha vrata. Vijay Prakash has directed this film starred by Manoj Verma, Mohit Ghai, hot girl Swati Verma, Lakhan Bhardwaj, and item bomb Seema Singh.

1o songs of the film are written by Ashok Sinha and the music has been composed by Shashikant Sharma. Manoj Vermaa claims this is a family oriented film with total entertainment. Story is by Manoj Verma, Ratan Prakash, camera by GD Maithi, action by Jeetu Singh, dance by Gyan Singh and edited by Imran Faisal.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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