If you have commitment to succeed, success comes herself to you. This is completly true for Mehmood Alam writer and director of Bhojpuri films. Starting his career as a cameraman for a TV channel he is now succeeding beyond success. The man who used to carry his camera bag and tripod from one event to othe is now carrying films worth crores on his shoulders and that too with full confidence. What else is a success ?

Mehmood presents a beautiful mix of technic and vision in his films. Usually when a cameraman becomes a director the film becomes technically strong but listless at the level of story and vision. Even a director like Ashok Mehta failed to break this perception/ However Mehmood Alam proved to be an exception. Mehmood has a good feel of content along with his technical superiority. Though no film directed by him is released till date, everyone who saw the rushes of the film “Pyar Ke Bandhan Na Tute Mitwa” says that Mehmood is best in technic and content both. And this has drawn enough film makers to his gate. Gavnva Ke Sari and Pyar Ho Ke Rahi are going to be on floor soon. Work on Sajan Bin Party and Aye Ham Barati too has started.

Mehmood says that film making is more of a science than art and one cannot fail to succeed if he does his calculations right and has good intentions. Hope he proves his saying and benefit the Bhojpuri film industry.

(Source – Space Creative Media)


By Editor

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