Recently a musical muhurt was done for Bhojpuri film “Etna Sataeeba Ta Ham Mar Jayeb” produced by U.Shandilya and P.N.SIngh under the banner of Nagvanshi Movies and presented by Sri Matangi Bhav Kala at A.B.Studio. The film will be directed by Kaushal Kishore and executive producer is Shambhu Purohit. Stars of the film are Prem Nagvanshi, Gunjan Kapoor, Guddu Rangila, V.S.Chauhan(Nirahu), Gauri Shankar, Rani Chaturvedi and Rajni Mehta. Music is by Akhilesh Kumar and lyrics by Pyarelal Ji, Ashok SInha and Shyam Ji Shyam. Dilip Mishra is the dialogue writer for the story by Manoj Kushvaha. Cinematographer is Manoj Kumar while editor is Sanjay M.Jaiswal. Choreography is by Mayank Ashok, fights by Muhammad Ali and arts by Satish Raut. Shooting will be done from 22nd March in Mumbai.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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