Well known film producer and doctor couple of Gorakhpur Dr. Wajahat Karim and Dr. Surhit Karim are producing a multi starrer Bhojpuri film “Kehu Hamse Jeet Na Payee”. The film is starred by Bhojpuri super star Ravi Kishan and super actress Rinku Ghosh. This couple were also in the super hit films Bidai and Balidaan. Other stars of the film include Sushil Singh, Manoj Tiger, Mohit Ghai, Rajiv Dinkar, Mahesh Raja, Hitendra Pandey, Pratibha Pandey, Swati Verma, Komal Dhillon, SriKankani, Aiyaz Khan, Arun Bakhshi, Deepa Greval, Pramila and Shahbaz Khan.

This film “Kehu Hamse Jeet Na Payee” based on nationalism was shot recently in Gorakhpur of Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Karim has produced two Hindi films “Soch” and “Do Dilo Ke Khel Me” and was long in search for a good script to produce a Bhojpuri film. When he got the script he decided to produce this Bhojpuri film. Story is written by SK Chauhan, lyrics by SK Chauhan, Nafis Alam, Fanindra Rao, Santosh Puri, Shyam Dehati and Ruastam Ghayal, while the music are by Satish Ajay, Ram Pravesh and Amresh Jha. cameraman is Akash Deep, action by Ram Shetty and executive producer is Sunil Singh.

(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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