Bhojpuri film ‘Faulaad’ starring ‘Dabang’ star of Bhojpuri cinema Sushil Singh was released in Mumbai on 11-11-11 after it was a super duper hit in Bihar. Another film, ‘Kehy Hamse Jeet Na Payee’ starring Sushil Singh was recently released in Uttar Pradesh with great success.
Sushil Singh ia a patriot forest officer in this film who sacrifices his family while fighting the enemies of the nation without leaving his cause. He has performed superb action scenes in the film.

Bihari viewers are clapping up the role by Sushil Singh in ‘Faulaad’. His toughness has given him another name in Bihar, i.e Dabang Star of Bhojpuri. Sushil Singh was also a great success on the small screen and is now going to be seen in Hindi films too. Though Sushil plays villains in Bhojpuri he comes on the top in almost all the frames.

(Source – Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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