While running successfully in Bihar Hum Hai Munna Bhaiya is now set to storm UP from 16th July and in Mumbai from 3oth July. This film will herald the return of angry young man era in Bhojpuri Cinema. ??????? ????, ?????? ???????, ??? ??? ????? ?????? ???? is a famous dialogue of the film delivered by Sushil Singh.

Claimed to be a Bhojpuriya version of Gangajal and Apharan this film has been produced by Sanjay and Gautam Nishad. Well known director Iqbal Bakhsh has directed this film and Nagesh Mishra has presented it.

Based on the Mafiaraj in Purvanchal and Bihar the film leads bare the nexus between politicians, criminals , and police. Director Iqbal Bakhsh is veri excited with the film and says this type of film has not been made in Bhojpuri till date. The film has high voltage action scenes as well romance and comedy. Everyoone is amazed with the performance of Sushil Singh in Hum Hai Munna Bhaiya.

The stars of the film include Sushil Singh, Anara Gupta, Som Yadav, Aiyaz Khan, Gopal Rai, Awadhesh Mishra, Randhir Singh, Prakash jaish, Irshad Khan, Lallan Singh, and Sikandar Khan. Everyone hopes the film will reestablish the Bhojpuria dilect with Mumbaia style.

(Source :Shashikant Singh)

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