Recently a musical muhurt was solemnised for Papi Ke Paap Kahe Ganga Dhoye at Platenium Studio of Mumbai. A song was recorded in the voice of “Munni badnaam huyi” fame singer Mamta Sharna with the music direction of Sujit Chaube. Many stalwarts of Bhojpuri film industry were present.

This film based on a real story is produced under the banner of Dr.P.N.Films. Dr. P.N.Singh is the producer, story writer and lyrics writer. Director is Braj Bhushan, Choreographer is Nihal Singh, Art by Goldi, and leading stars of the film are Ajay Dixit, Gunjan Kapoor, Vijay Khare, Rupa Singh, Master Ajeet, Pinku Srivastava, Tyagi Baba, Reema, Purnima Rai, and Nirupama Shri.

Shooting of the film is scheduled for 25 days starting from 22 October in the Ekma and Ganjpar village under Chapra district of Bihar. Ajay Dixit has already given a super hit like Betva Bahubali and “Najariya Tohase Laagi” too had a good return.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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