A Bhojpuri film totally based on the Bhojpuri rituals and traditions “Paapi Ke Paap Kahe Ganga Dhoye” is now ready for release. Educationist Dr.P.N.Singh has produced this film showing the details of love. Ajay Dixit and Gunjan Kapoor are the lead pair of the film. The story shows how a corrupt mafia politician gets a folk singer killed becuase he is exposing his excess. Not knowing the reality the widow takes shelter of the killer himself. Later her son completes his study and falls in love with a upper caste girl and finally marries he. This infuriates the politician even more but before he can do any harm he becomes ill with AIDS. Shooting of the film has been done at Ganjpar village in Chapra district. Film has 10 songs and will be released around Holi festival this year.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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