Most popular star of Bhojpuri cinema Pawan Singh gave hits after hit films last year and is set to have a resounding beginnig this year too. His film “Gundairaj” is set to release soon in which Pawan is playing the role of a misguided youth who becomes a criminal due to circumstances. His is an action packed role in the film and his heroines in the film are Monalisa and SriKankani. “Gundairaj” is due to release on 11th Feb. Next of his film “Tu Jaan Hau Hamar’ will be released on 25th Feb. This is a total family film. Next in the que is “Lagal Nathuniya ke Dhakka” in which Pawan Singh is with two hot actresses, Arti Puri and Krisha Khandelwal. This line up shows that Pawan Singh is going for a resounding success this year too.

(Source – Prashant-Nishant)


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