Recently a preview show for “Goriya Ke Gore Gore Gaal” was organised at the Preview Theater of Fun Republic in Mumbai. The film made under the banner of R.N.Enterprises has Uttam Kumar in the lead role. After viewing the film Manoj Tiger, the noted comedian of Bhojpuri films, said that the industry has got another super star like Manoj Tiwari. Uttam Kumar has also shown his acting in Gorki Patarki Re film.
The date of the preview show happened to be the birthday of Uttam Kumar and it was celebrated too. Manoj Tiwari, Manoj Tigerm SK Chatterjee, Suresh Gupta,Amar Devgade, Kulwant Singh, Manoj Dvivedi, Gopal Mehta, Surendra Saluja, Shiva Chaudhary, SAnjay Bhushan, Dinesh Yadav, Samarjeet, and Uday Bhagat were present on the occasion.
The film is ready for release.
Cast & Credit : Producer Ravi Shankar Tiwari, writer director S.S.Lalit, music director Rajesh Lalit and Vinod Gawar, lyricists Vipin Bihari, Ras Bihari Pandey and S.S. Lalit, dialogue writer Lalit Shukla, script writer S.S.Lalit and Ras Bihari Pandey, cameraman Arun Mishra, choreographer Gyan Singh, action master Riyaz Sultan, art director Sunil Jha, co-producer Suman Kumar Mehta, and executive director Sawan Verma. Stars of the film include Uttam Kumar, Lovy Rohatgi, Ravi Shankar Tiwari, Ritu Pandey, Liliput, Moika Verma, Raj Mehta, Ramesh Goyal, Neeraj Raj Paudel, D.P.Pandey, Salim Ansari,Neeraj Badshah and others.

(Source : Samarjet)


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