Hero of ‘Ashiquee’ and winner of ‘Bigg Biss’ Rahul Rai has decided to enter Bhojpuri film production and his first film is going to be “Elaan” with Bhojpuri star of the decade Manoj Tiwari in the lead role. Those in the know say that this film is going to be the ‘Singham’ of Bhojpuri !

Dheeraj Kumar is the director of ‘Elaan’ being produced under the banner of Rahul Rai Production and Manoj Tiwari will be playing the role of a Police Inspector who will remind the viewers of ‘Singham’. Rahul Rai says that as soon as he was presented with the script of this film he decided to produce it and the first face flashing in his eyes was that of Manoj Tiwari and he was signed.
In addition to Manoj Tiwari and Rahul Rai other stars in the film include Yogendra Tiwari, Lovy Rohatagi, Monika batra, Laveena, Pramod Pandey, Vikas Singh, and Gajendra Chauhan.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)

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