Pushkar Tiwari and Rajiv Mishra are coming in the Ravi Kishan starrer Bhojpuri film Khela produced by Ashok Verma and directed by Anand D. Gahatraj. Pushkar has worked extensively in theatres, tv shows, and a few films earlier. He is going to anchor a TV show in near future.

Rajiv Mishra came from TV industry. He had worked with CNBC, Jain TV, ETV etc and was the programming incharge for Bihar-Jharkhand area with ETV. Attracted by the florishing Bhojpuri film industry Rajiv entered Bhojpuri cinema and has done small but noticeable roles in many films. This time he has got an improtant role in Khela

Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala


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