Rangbaz a grand success in Mumbai too

Recently when the block buster movie “Rangbaz” was released in Mumbai a huge crowed called on the theaters to see the film. The stars of the film Haider Kazmi and Rani Chatarjee with the director Shivram Yadav were present in person at Navrang theate to have a face to face with the viewers and to elicit their response and reactions to the film.
All the viewers were praising Haider Kazmi saying that he is the real Rangbaz of UP and Bihar. Rani Chatterjee sang a few lines and danced too. Director Shivraj Yadav talked with the viewers in Bhojpuri.
Rangbaz has shown that if Bhojpuri films are properly advertised these can succeed even with new comer stars. Viewers are clapping on every dialogue of Inspector Krishna Yadav in the film, dancing with Seems Singh’s item number and showing their hatred for the villains Anil Yadav and Brijesh Tripathi.
The industry has congratulated Haider Kazmi for the film and are saying that the industry now has another super star in Haider Kazmi.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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