Bhojpuri starlet Rani Chatterjee was doing a Holi shooting recently at Banaras for a Bhojpuri film, Sanwaria I Love You, when the bucket filled with colours hit her. Hero of the film super star of Bhojpuri cinema Vinay Anand rushed her to a nearby private clinic and the wound was cared for and dressed. Despite this injury Rani was back again for the shoot and the scene was shot completly. Sanwaria I Love you is produced by Shambhu Pandey and CB Tripathi. Director is Rampal Singh who was all praise for the courage shown by her. It is said that Rani is one such actress of Bhojpuri cinema who does films more with her heart than her mind.

Rani Chaterjee with Vinay Anand

Rani Chatterjee is going to create waves with her acting in Bhaiya Ke Sasurari Mein produced by Reena S.Pasi and directed by Rajkumar R.Pandey. This film is going to be released in Mumbai this month. Hero of the film is Birha Samrat Vijay Lal Yadav. Another film of Ranii Chatterjee is Payal is ready too. Payal is produced by Jitendra Pratap Singh and directed by Nand Kishor Mahto. The hero of this film is Vikrant Singh.

It is said that these three films will take her carreer to a new height. Keep it up baby!

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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