Usually one forget the difference between right and wrong, friend and foe, good and bad etc. when in love. For the person her or his love is supreme. The same has happened with the newcomer Bhojpuri actress Ranu Pandey in Bhojpuri film “Baagi” wherein she plays the role of lover of Ajay Dixit. She becomes a rebel for her love. Baagi is her first film, though she has worked in many teleserials like Ravan and CID and she is well trained as a Kathak dancer. It is produced by ARS Sarkar, Shakeel Khan and Mansur Azmi under the banner of JN 50 Sins Production and AJM Films and School division. Ajay is a rebel himself fighting against the torture of brick klin workers and Ranu as his lover is always with him in every thick and thin.

Ranu says that the film “Baagi” is not like the usual Bhojpuri films. It is an off beat film where the life of brick klin workers is the central theme. This film has opened the doors of Bhojpuri cinema for this girl from Lucknow. Anyone who has seen the reels says she has done wonderful job.

Music of the film is by Raj Indra Raj, lyrics by Sahil Sultanpuri and Pawan Mishra, and presented by Dr.Ashok Jain and Anita Jain. Other actors in important roles include Vijay Khare, Seema Singh, and Shrawan Kumar Saxena.

The film will be released soon.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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