Producer Chandan Singh and Super Star Ravi Kishan are working togather again in Rampur Ka Laxman, a Bhojpuri film being made under the banner of N.C.Enterprises and directed by Harry Fernandes.

The film is going to have six heroines, Akshara, Gunjan Pant, Sangeeta Tiwari, Anara Gupta, Komal Dhillon, and Divya Dvivedi. Other stars include Brijesh Tripathi, Gopal Ray, R.S.Singh, Maya Yadav, Anup Arora, Mustaq Khan, Sameer Khan, and Awadhesh Mishra. Sikandar Kharbanda is in an important role of a police inspector while there is also an item song by Sambhawna Seth. Ravi Kishan will be in many roles in the film.

Lyrics of the film are by Pyarelal Yadav, Sachchidanand Kavach, Shyam Dehati, and Rakesh Singh. Music is by Gunwant Sen. Pramod Pandey has done the cinematography while choreographers are Pappu Khanna, Ricky Gupta, and Ramdevan. Art is by Vijay Das and Production managers are R.S.Singh and John Cheriya.

Film is at the post-production stage and is expected to be released next month.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant and Uday Bhagat)


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