Recently when mediaperson visited the shooting of JwalaMandi – Ek Prem Kahani at Tulsi Vihar at Malad in Mumbai a song was being picturised under the choreography of Kanu Mukherjee. Ravi Kishan, in a white T-shirt and Pant, and Rani Chatterjee, in an orange saree were drenching in the showers from the fountains in the garden. The scene was being picturised very lavishly with Jimmy Zip (camera crain) and seven fountains making the rains. The song was according to the situation telling about the rain asking the hero to take her into his arms. After two rehearsals the scene was picturised and everyone clapped.

After the shooting Ravi Kishan told the mediapersons that Jagdish Sharma is his all time favorite director. Ravi also told that his role will surprise the viewers. Rani Chatterjee too did not reveal much about her role but said that she is being drenched from early morning for ethe scene and she fears of falling ill. But then her role is a plus point of the film and said that to know more one has to see the film itself.

Ther Ravi and Rani put a bait that any one who will recognise the actress they are going to present will be rewarded with a special gift. When no one was able to rcognise the actress it was made open that he is none other than the famous Bhojpuria villain Awadhesh Mishra who is doing a same kind of role as Sadashiv Amrapurkar had done in “Sadak”.

The film is produced by Raju Singh who has made no compromise anywhere for the film. Jagadish Sharma is the director and Vijay and Lovy Rohatagi are other lead actors.

(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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