Ravi Kishan is the only Bhojpuria star who has a strong presence in Hindi cinema also and is working in almost every big banner and with every big star of Bollywood. Film critics too are all praises for Ravi Kishan. Ravi has an important role in just release film “Azaan” as a RAW official.

Recently the producer of Azaan provided special plane to Ravi Kishan for its promotion in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. And his fans came in large numbers to Grand Hyat Cineplex in Dubai when they came to know about his presence there through social networks and his famous quote “Jindagi Jhand Baa Fir Bhi Ghamand Baa” was floating through.

There are many Bhojpurias in Dubai and they were pleased to have their star midst in their crowd. The Bhojpuria diaspora was happy to feel the scent of their land. Bhojpuri cinema is eagerly awaited everywhere in the world where there are Bhojpuria and Ravi Kishan says that soon even the non Bhojpurias will start viewing good Bhojpuri films.

(Source – Uday Bhagat)

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