His first film Bihari Mafia.

Super Star of Bhojpuri Films, Rvi Kissen, has now launched his production company as well named as Mahadev Production Pvt.Ltd. and shooting of its first film is already in progress.

Bablu Soni is directing this film which has Ravi Kissen, Vallabh Vyas, Shailendra Srivastava, Awadhesh Mishra, Sikandar Khan, Prakash Jais, Brajesh Tripathi in mail roles. The film does not portray any particular Bihari Mafia, many more will be antagonised; instead it plays their life style.

Ravi Kissen, who has just returned from Bangkok after shooting of his Hindi feature film Loot, said that he has many hopes from Bihari Mafia, and has plans to make films on social issues in future too.

Ravi Kissen is the busiest Bhojpuri Actor of the day. About 25 films having Ravi Kissen in lead roles are going to be released this year. He is also acting in five Hindi films like: Money hai to honey hai; Loot: Sajjanpur ke Mahadev; Ali Autowalla etc. some of his Bhojpuri films going to be released this year are Aego chumma de da Ae Raja Ji, A Balam Pardeshi, Sajna Sajai da Mang, Bhumiputra, Khatailal-Mithailal etc.

Content Source: Uday Bhagat , Mumbai


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