The famous song of Rampur Ka Laxman “Rampur Ka vasi Hu Main Laxman Mera Nam, Sidhi SadiBoli Mera Sidha Sada Kaam” still lingers on our lips. Now a Bhojpuri film is going to be made as Rampur Ka Laxman u nder the banner of N.C.Enterprises by Chandan singh and produced by Harry Fernandes. But the producer says this film has got nothing to do with that old Hindi film.

The shooting of the film has started at S.J.Studio at Saki Naka of Mumbai. Ravi Kishan was in the getup of Tere Naam and was looking like a pujari. He was playing with three actresses. First was Sangeeta Tiwari who was with Ravi Kishan in Ae Balam PArdesi, second one was Divya Dvivedi who was with Ravi Kishan in Ganga Jaisan Pavan Piritiya Hamaar. Third actress Akshara is being introduced with this film. There is also a fourth actress GunjanPant in the film.

The story of the film runs like the revenge by Laxman for the torture he had faced in the past. Sikandar Kharbanda is another hero of the film who is playing the role of a police inspector.

This film has ten songs written by Pyarelal Yadav Kavi, Sachchidanand Kavach, Rakesh Singh Santoshpuri, and Shyam Dehati. Music is composed by Gunwant Sen.

(Source : Prashant Nishant)


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