The number one villain of Bhojpuri cinema Sanjay Pandey has recently gained weight for a film on the advice of its director. The film is “Truck Driver” where Sanjay Pandey is playing the truck driver and the director Rajkumar Pandey advised Sanjay to gain weight to fit with the character.

Sanjay Pandey, who was recently choosen for the Best Villain in Bhojpuri City Cinema Awards, adapts his looks for each of his new film. He appreciates the look given to him by the most successful Bhojpuri director Rajkumar Pandey which will make everyone take notice of him. This team of number one villain and number one director is coming togather for the ninth time for this film.Earlier they have given block buster films like Kahiya Doli Le Ke Ayeeba, Saat Saheliyan, Devra Bada Satavela, Dushmani, Deewana, Saiiyan Ka Sath Madaiya Me, Nag Nagin, and Lahariya Loota Ae Rajaji.

Sanjay Pandey is also working with many other top producers and directors like Durga Prasadm Jeetesh Dubey, JP Singh and others.

(Source Shashikant Singh)


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