Normally when a film of an actor becomes super duper hit the producers make a bee line at his residance, but, Sanjay Yadav has a different credit. Producers are lining his door even before a single film of Sanjay Yadav is released. Lakshman B. Singh has signed Sanjay Yadav for his upcoming film “Tohare Pyar Me” directed by Manoj S. Tomar who has already directed “Tohare Bina Bhi Kya Jeena”, the first film starring Sanjay Yadav. The film will be releasing soon.

Sharad Bagla and Umesh Yadav now have signed Sanjay Yadav for their film “Nacha Gava Maja Kara” directed by Rajkumar Bagla.
Recently a photo shoot was held at Nirvana Studio in Mumbai of Sanjay Yadav and SriKankani for the film “Tohare Pyar Me”. The film is going to be produced under the banner of Sri Balkishan Entetainment and selection of stars and technicians are under progress. The film is expected to go in floor next month.

(Source : Samarjeet)


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