SapnaShe has done films in seven languages. She started her career with stars like Dharmendra, Jayaprada, Mithun Chakravarty more than a decade earlier. She has shown her competence in every film, in every region. Now let us name her. She is Sapna.

Sapna has done more than 50 films in Bhojpuri and if we add Hindi, Gujrati, and South Indian films she has completed her century of films! Sapna is more popular for her dances, item numbers she had been doing in Bhojpuri cinemas. Her dances have captivated the viewers. Now Sapna is getting lead roles in Bhojpuri cinema and the viewers will get the best of both worlds. A good dancer and an actress too. Sapna has played all kinds of roles, emotional, drama, romance etc. As she is a good dancer she got more chances as a dancer, presented many itme numbers in films, now she is being offered lead roles too as she hoped. She accepts that she started her career in Bhojpuri films with bit roles and item numbers knowing well that her talent will not remain hidden for long. Sapna says that every producer and director should have the ability to recognise the hidden talent in every artist. And she is happy that producers and directors of Bhojpuri cinema has now recognised her talent. Though she has been doing lead roles in South Indian fims for long.

Sapna has much expectation of her film Tu Hi Mor Balma directed by famous and talented director of Bhojpuri cinema, Aslam Shekh. In this film the director has filmed a beautifull song sequence with her in saree, instead of body showing dresses. She hopes that the viewers should be attentive to her acting too as they have been with her dancing. She has important roles in Billorani Nautankiwali and Trinetra. In Trinetra a very attractive scene has been filmed with her doing a Muzra.

Bhojpuri films of Sapna include Main Bal Brahmchari Tu Kanya kunwari, Khatailal Mithailal, Dharmaveer, Pappu Ke Pyaar Ho Gayel, Sasurai Zindabad, Shammi Bhaiya, Kasam Dharti Maiya Ke, Ho Ke Rahbu Tu Humar, Purab, Ae Balam Jeee, Gorki Patarki, Mai Ta Bus Mai Badi etc.

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