These days hardly any Bhojpuri film, or for that matter even Bollywood films too, is conceived without an item number in it. The films are running not on the strength of the film story but on the strength of these item numbers. The votaries of item numbers say that the viewers come to the films for entertainment and not to be bored in the cinema halls. So if he or she gets entertained fully the film is a hit otherwise a miss ! These has made the item girls in high demand.

If there is any other item girl in Bhojpuri after Sambhawna Seth she is none other but Seema Singh. She has earned laurels for her item numbers in ” Jab Kehu Dil Me Sama Jala, Daag, Lahariya Loota Ae Rajaji, Mrityunjay, Mar Deb Goli Kehu Na Boli, Kurukshetra, Kartavya, Dushmani, Apne Begane” and other films. Seema says that she is not here to challange or compete with someone but to show her talent, If viewers appreciate her performance it is good for her and this is her achievement.

Talking about doing item numbers Seema says that initially she was hesitant and fearful but after an number or two she developed confidance and fear vanished. Now she enjoys her work. However, Seema does not want that viewers shall remember her as an item girl only rather she would love to be known as a skilled actress. Nevertheless, hardly anyone noticed her in “Chorwa Banal Damad” where she was the lead actress. To make the situation bearable she had not changed her style and continued doing item numbers. Now she plans to change her image while doing item numbers.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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