Director of Phool Banal Angar Fahim A.Khan bitterly says that Rani Chatterjee tried her best to stop the release of the film and even got its four item songs deleted at censors, but now when the film is successfully released in Bihar and Mumbai she wants to be praised for the success. Fahim A. Khan says that he had to face many hurdles and even was jailed due to the film. Rani Chatterjee had not attended its premier show in Mumbai’s Navarang Theatre where all the artists were present.

The story of the film revolves around its heroine Phulwa who is raped by the village Thakur and when she goes to lodge complaints at the police station the SI rapes her. Even the SP too rapes her when she goes to him. In the meantime the SI gets her mother murdered and the villagers throw Phulwa out of the village. Fortunately Phulwa gets patronised by a dacoit Dharma Singh and joins his gang. One day Phulwa returns to the village as a burning flame and takes brutal revenge for all the crimes toted out to her.

Phool Banal Angar is produced by Vishal Tiwari and Abhishek Dhariva. Direction and music is by Fahim A.Khan, writer Shakeel Niyazi, lyricists Pawan Mishra, Munnavar Azmi, and S.Kumar. Action is by Gabbar Singh, camera by Shyamal Chaturvedi, and choreography by Ramdevan and Sanjay. Stars of the film are Rani Chatterjee, Vishal Tiwari, Bipin Singh, Deepak Bhatia, GopalRai, CP Bhatt, Pawan Mishra, Seema Singh, Purnila Roy, Hari Sharan, Manju Tiwari, and Narendra Pandey.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Ptiyala)

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