Recently a five days shooting schedule was held at Sutarvadi studio in the Mud Island of Mumbai for the tv serial “Rangeela Nirahu” for the upcoming Bhojpuri TV channel Hamni Bhojpuriya TV. The hero of the film is the only son of a hotelier and he dreams of becoming a star one day. This dream of his is taken advnatages by all and sundry who come, dine and walk away without making a payment. One or the other girl visits the reataurant daily and return after having their fills from the “hero” boy. Ultimately the truth dawn on the dreamer and he realises his folly. He brings home his wife, married in his childhood, but the trouble does not end there. This is the story line of the serial produced by Rajendra R.Chauhan, directed by Santosh Kushwaha and starred by Virendra Singh Chauhan Nirahu, Vijaya Singh, Sanjay Verma, Ratan Lal, Avinash Pandey, Ajay Maurya, Manoj Kumar, Sangeeta Singh, Abhilasha, Maya Singh and Vicky Peter. Lyrics are by Vindhya Shukla, music by Atul Tiwari and camera by Suraj Tyagi.
(?ource : Samarjeet)


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