Sudeep Pandey in and as "Balwa"

Though Sudeep Pandey has starred in many films, “Balwa” is a class apart. Thus claims producer Radhe Sharma. The story of the film is based on a village Shivpur where the terror of gangster Bheema is ruling for more than ten years. His terror is regularly re-enforced as Bheema offers the head of his opponent at the feet of Goddess Kali, every time some one dares to oppose him.

But, “Balwa”, the son of sarpanch Nirnay Vishvakarma, regularly raises his voice aggainst the tyrrany of Bheema. One day when his patience gets thin he put the palace of Bheema on fire. Sarpanch Vishwakarma leaves the village in the dark of samenight with his family. Fortunately “Balwa” gets a job and his father puts him under oath never to return to his native village and himself goes back.

Later Balwa comes to know that Bheema has killed his father and sister and comes back to the village to take his revenge.

Story and production of the film is by Radhe Sharma while Chunmun Pandit is directing it. Lyric and Music is by Aman Shlok. Star cast of the film includes Sudeep Pandey, Priya Sharma, Reema Patel, Bal Govind, and Pankaj Mehta etc.

(Source -Sanjya Bhushan Patiyala)


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