At present anarchy and corruption rules all around making the life of a middle class family very difficult and cumbersome. The tv serial “Sunaina” presents all this on the TV channel Maurya TV.

Written by famous director producer Prakash Jha the story of Sunaina starts with a girl named Sunaina belonging to a middle class family. Her father is falsely accused of bribery and sent to jail. Her mother dies after hearing this news. Sunaina’s brother becomes a Naxalite to avenge his father’s humiliations. Thus Sunaina is left alone to face all the problems of the family and to overcome the odd. But, she never says no and with her hard labor and commitment becomes an IAS officer. But the circumstances here also are the same.

What happens next, does Sunaina win or succumbs to the temptations and circumstances ? You have to watch the serial to know the answers. Sunaina is telecast on Fridays and Saturdays on Maurya TV from 9 PM onwards.

Produced by Anju Sharma and Sanjay Kapur under the banner of Sri Om Creation this serial is directed by Chandar Bahal and starrs Manoj Verma, Shilpi Shukla, Lalitesh, Rahul Singh, Sritama and others.

(Source – Ranjan Sinha)

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