In a new Bhojpuri music album Tanatan Maal Baa, produced by Dilip Tiwari under the banner of Durga Shakti Films and directed by Anil S. Mehta, Babloo Jaunpuri is playing the lead role. Recently the muhurt for this album was done with recording of a song in the melodious voice of Indu Sonali done at Music Box, the recording studio of Kalpana.
Lyrics are by Shyam Dehati and other singers, apart from Indu Sonali, are Diwakar Dvivedi, and Khushboo Jain. Stars of the album include Babloo Jaunpuri, Kalpna Shah, and Avinash Shahi. Babloo has acted in an album with success earlier too and is very much confidant of his success again. He says that he has only himself to compete with and as far as stardom is concerned, it is decided by the public at large. Babloo is very confidant of himself.
The said album is going to hit the stall next month.
Source : Ranjan Sinha.


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