If actress like Katerina can show their blaze in Bollywood so can actresses in Bhojwood. There are some hot and sexy dames in Bhojpuri who can give run of their life time to any Bollywood actress.

One such actress is Tulip Singh who has already knocked on the door of success with her first Bhojpuri film “Ke Bani Dulha”. Tulip has come to Bhojpuri cinema after working in Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi films and is now working full time in Bhojpuri cinema. She has aleready worked in “Ke Bani Dulha”, “De Da Piritiya Udhaar” , “Ganga Jamuna” and will soon be seen in “Dhamal Kaila Raja” by Raman Naiyyar. Evergreen super star Ravi Kishan is giving her company in the film.
Next, she will be seen in “Kali”, another film by Raman Naiyyar and Vinay Anand will be her partner in the film.

Let us see how the advancing steps of this Bhojpuria Katerina is going to sparkle the Bhojpuria screen.

(Source : Space Creative Media)


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