The changing scenario of Bihar under the Nitish govt has started attracting film makers too. This was evident when film makers who were scary about Bihar started doing premiers of their films and also making films on Bihar. Mahesh Bhatt did the premier of his film “Crook”, while Ram Gopal Verma did the premier of his film “Rakta Charitra”. “332 Mumbai to India” will soon premier from Bihar too. Film makers feel encouraged to make films on the changing sociopolitical situation of Bihar. “Mar Deb Goli…” too is an effort in that direction. Jitsesh Dubey has appreciated the way Nitish governs Bihar. Jitesh has earlier given socially relevant films like “Munni Bai Nautanki Wali” and “Dharm-Veer”. He has also presented a film “Brijwa” on naxal menace.

(Source – Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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