When the issue is an item number many a times it revolves aroung vulgarity. There is and should be a clear demarcating line between romanticism and eroticism. But most of the times the item numbers appear to be erotic and in Bhojpuri cinema they sometimes cross the limits of decency. As the song of upcoming Bhojpuri film “Rangbaaz” is so vulgar that it is difficult to quote the song. It is altogather different matter that the song is becoming ‘popular’ in Bihar and U.P. It is being said that the item number of Rangbaaz filmed on none other than Seema Singh, the most popular item face of Bhojpuri cinema will be more popular and erotic than the one by Katerina, “Sheila Ki Jawani”. Director of Rangbaaz is Shivram Yadav.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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