Policemen and Police Stations are notorious for giving third degree treatment to the accused. But when an actor starts giving the same third degree treatment to a real police officer in a real police station and that too in front of real policeman the matter seems to have gone too far. This happened during the shooting of “Hamra Name Zila Hilela” a film made in Bhojpuri as well as Chattisgarhi. SP City Shashi Mohan Singh is playing the role of a corrupt police officer in the film and Vinay Anand was giving him third degree treatment in a police station with several policemen standing as bystanders. They were wriggling to see the shooting. Vinay Anand had done a good and thorough preparation for the shooting and the scene appeared all too real.

The film is directed by Ravi Sinha, of whose directed another film “Bhojpuria Don” is making waves in Mumbai these days.
(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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