It was a lovely seen. It seemed there is a mela and everyone was in a picnic mood. Vinay Anand with his group of friends was busy flirting Krisha Khnadelwal but she was giving two hoots to all his efforts. But the persistence of Vinay Anand finally paid off and he was able to win the heart of Krisha. The song was “My love you look so hot in these short dress” and Krisha was really looking great in her short pants and skirt. The story shows the love of two young college students which is defying the social traditions and norms. Stars of the film include Vinay Anand, Krisha Khandelwal, Badal Singh, Payal Singh. Brijesh Tripathi, Dev Singh, Gopal Ray, Shiv Baba, Abhay Ray and Viay Yadav among others. Choreography is of Dilip Mistri, music by Abhijit Jha and Ganesh Pandey, lyrics by Shyam Dehati, Sanhay Suhana and Ashok, camera by Sujan Dhiru and dialogues by Sanjeev Kumar. The film produced by Santosh Jha and written-directed by RamAnugrah Narayan Jha is presented by Yashi Films.

(?ource – Prashant-Nishant)


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