Super star Vinay Anand of Bhojpuri cinema has shown his mantle again in Trinetra which has completed its 50th day in Bihar recently. It is a proud achievement for everyone associated with the film as 5oth day has become difficult these days and no film has so successful recently. Vinay Anand will be seen soon in Damad Chahi Fokat Me in a comedy role which is action packed at the same time. Vinay Anand says that the film will demolich the canard that Bhojpuri films are vulgar as this film can happily be seen by whole family sitting togather.

With repeatedly achieving success with his films like “Damini”, “Chacha Bhatija”, and now “Trinetra” Vinay Anand has become the hot cake of the industry whom every producer is casting in his film or wants to.

(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)

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