The star who remains friendly with his or her fans even after becoming a super star will play a long inning! But sometimes this habit becomes a pain in the neck. Vinay Anand nowadays is living a life of a call centre attending calls, replying to SMSs, and calling misscalls!

Three of his films Damini, Jabanj Jigarwale and Garda Garda Kaele Badu Ho were released recently and all of them proved to be super hits. These films are making waves of success in Bihar. Noting the increasing fanmail of Vinay Anand some fan of his got his personal phone number published in a popular daily of Bihatr and since then Vinay has became a call center employee.

Within a short span of three days he had to attend thirty thousand calls, miss calls, or SMSs. Vinay had no option but to attend to these calls and SMSs. He keeps on talking till tired and then hands over the phone to his secretary. The calls are from all types of fans. Some are girls, some officials, some aspiring artists and everyone is either congratulating him or asking for the secret of his success.

One of the fans said that he has just seen the Damini and going to see Jabanj Jigarwale and then will see the Garda Garda in the night show! Vinay is not disappointing any of his callers and thanks everyone.Vinay fails to understand what to do after his personal number was made public by on of his fans. He is just living a life of a call center employee.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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