Vinay Anand knows the fundamentals for promoting his films. Usually Bhojpuri film stars do not spare time to promote their films in Mumbai even when they are in the city itself. But Vinay Anand stayed a week long in Bihar to promote his film “Nanihal”. Vinay Anand visited Ara, Chapra, Motihari, and Gaya in addition to Patna,Hw went to the shopping malls and discussed “Nanihal” with the viewers.He appeared on the radio and TV shows. Result was a super duper hit “Nanihal”. Someone asked Vinay why such films are not produced in Bhojpuri ? And, Vinay replied, if these type of films succeed others will follow the trend and you will get more and more films you can watch alongwith your family. Enthusiased by the success of “Nanihal” Vinay Anand has decided to promote all his films like Bollywood stars do. Hope other Bhojpuri stars follow in his foot steps.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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