Viraj Bhatt is at the seventh stage of success in Bhojpuri films. He is busy doing a lot of Bhojpuri movies and there is a long waiting list for his nod to accept new films. He is busy shooting for “Diljale” nowadays. Diljale is being produced by Ramakant Prasad who has given three block buster movies recently. Another film starring Viraj Bhatta is “Dushmani” by Adi Shakti Entertainment is almost complete. Other films on floor include “Aa Jaa Odhania Taan Ke”, “Hot Baa Jawani Jiyan E Rajaji”, “Kaisan Piyava Ke Charitar Baa”, “Elan-e-jung”, “Pyar Kare Laa Himmat Chahi”, “Mallayuddha” etc. Viraj Bhatta has already given two block busters this year “Damini” and “Daag”.

(Source – Prashant Nishant)

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